The Nice Classification

When registering a trademark, such as a logo, you have to specify what goods and services you want the registration to cover. For trademark applications goods and services are split up into 45 different 'classes' under the Nice Classification. Goods make up classes 1 to 34 and services make up classes 35 to 45. The 'class headings' of the Nice Classification may be accessed below:

Goods (classes 1 to 34)

Services (classes 35 to 45)

Normally the more classes of goods/services in an application the more expensive it is. One exception to this is the Community trademark application (covering the whole EU) which allows for up to three classes in an application for payment of just the basic official fee.

The class headings of the Nice classification provide a rough guide to what is in each of the classes, and are not comprehensive. We can provide you with expert advice on how the goods/services of interest to you are classified.

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